Thursday, October 12, 2017

Korea Sale Festa

"I'm not a shopaholic, I'm just helping the economy"

Hands up if you agree with me that the emails that you love receiving the most are those that tells you your orders has been shipped :) Shopping is my middle name (besides procrastinating and many others) though I have toned down my shopaholic nature for the past 2 years. To stretch my dollar further, I'm always on the lookout for deals or promotions. Be it physical goods or services, I feel happy (or do a silent YEAH!) whenever I'm paying the discounted price instead of the original price. Having said so, let me share a piece of good news for the shopaholics who are heading to Korea for Autumn - the month-long Korea Sale Festa will start from 28th Sep. Festa doesn't simply means festival; it also includes entertainment, shopping, tour and attraction. This means an entire month of discounts, not just on shopping but also on K-wave cultural festivals and customised events for foreign visitors. You get to indulge without having to break the bank. Furthermore, 20 companies are selected as TOP20 of Korea Sale Festa. By just being a foreign visitor, you get to enjoy discounts from airfare, hotels, attractions, transport and shopping! Read on to find out more on how you can make use of the deals for your (upcoming) trip.
Official website: Korea Sale Festa

Besides discount on airfare and car rental, there are also special discount on the AREX/Airport Express for those who are traveling to Seoul station from Incheon airport. The airport express is one of the quickest and most convenient way to travel, bringing tourists to central Seoul within 45 minutes.

For more information on transporation, refer to this link
ACCOMMODATION is kicking off the sale period for a duration of 2 months starting 9th Aug, whereby you get to enjoy up to 80% special discount for hotels worldwide with an additional 7% Korea Sale Festa special discount for hotels in Korea. Use promo code "KRFESTA7D212" in the hotel reservation page. This promotion is valid only for the hotel with the mark of "Promotional Product". 

For more information on accommodation, refer to this link
A trip to Korea is not completed without wearing the hanbok and walking around Gyeongbokgung palace. With discount from 3355 Hanbok, the experience is now more affordable! Not to mention that you can gain free access to the various palaces if you wear a hanbok. 
Woongjin Playdoci is an urban leisure sports complex located just 30 minutes from Seoul. The park includes a water park and spa; Snowdoci which is an indoor ski and sledding park. We went to the water/spa park and it was really fun sliding down the slides. We even enjoy the spa at the outdoor rooftop, which was quite an experience. For foreigners, there is now a 1+1 special offer when purchasing a ticket for the water park or snow park. 
The Korean Folk Village is one of my favourite places to go for it felt like going back in time to the Joseon period. Visitors get to see the cultural performances such as tightrope walking, horseback martial arts and traditional wedding in this place. Not forgetting that the Korean Folk Village is the filming location of period dramas like Moon embracing the Sun, Jang Ok-jung and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. With a reduced price of KRW11,000 (from now till 31 Oct 2017), this place is definitely worth a visit.

For more information on culture, refer to this link
Skincare and cosmetic shopping is a must-do activity when the sun sets. Consumers are spoilt with choices as many K-cos brands make their presence in Myeongdong. I usually stock up on my skincare whenever I travel to Korea, hence I'll bring an empty luggage with me to contain my hauls, haha! 

For more information on beauty/health, refer to this link
The traditional Korean marketplace is one of the best way to soak up in the local spirit of Korea. In here, you get to rub shoulders with the ahjummas, bargain with the store-owners and feast to your heart's content. These traditional market places are littered throughout Seoul and Namdaemum Market is the most popular of all. The fall festival will be held in 17 major markets and 500 traditional markets with local features, harmonized with experience, culture and sightseeing. Visit this site for more information on the dates and activities of the various markets.
For those who enjoy shopping from the comfort of their homes, you can still enjoy the benefits from the online sale. Did I mention that I love 1+1 deals?Websites like G-market and Kmall are participating in this event and there is also a 20% discount for international orders (for G-market). Click here to find out more and start adding your items to the cart, check-out and wait for the email(s) that indicate your items are shipped! Hurry and grab the offers while it last.

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