Monday, August 20, 2012

Reno Diary - Aftermath of Hacking

Some of you have asked me about the reno updates *guilty face* I've not forgotten about it, just that the pictures are all over the place and I need to get that sorted out for the complete journey. My working table has shifted out from the study room to the living room and the pile of to-be-cleared-stuff is stacking up at an astonishing speed! I think Leecher is secretly pleased that he has one less room to clean up, lol! So, I took the long weekend to clear up the pile of work on the table and also, sorting out pictures for both Swirl & this blog.

The last update: hacking of walls! So here's the after pictures. Don't the place look bigger now? :)

We now have a bigger kitchen and more light in the house :)

Wires that were concealed inside the wall.

Opening for our walk-in wardrobe, we decided to push part of our WIW into another room, so we have more space in the master bedroom. It's a pity that houses have shrunk in area over the years, but prices are skyrocketing!

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