Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reno Diary - Aircon Piping & Installation

Initially, I didn't want to install aircon in our house as I'm scared of cold. Yes, I can stand heat, but would cringe at the slightest drop in temperature. Whenever I travel, the first thing I'll do upon check into the room is to adjust the aircon temperature to 25 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, Leecher was all in favour for installing, so I had to give in and let him install his aircon.


The wires and coil for air con. Leecher reckoned that we won't be switching on air con that frequent, it would make more sense to get the non-inverter unit. I've heard that nowadays, there are no more non-inverter units left in the market, so potential buyers please take note. 

 The aircon trunking can't be hidden and its quite an eye sore. I guess you just have to live with it and as time flies, you won't even notice it anymore. 

Drilling a hole in the wall for the wires to be connected outside. 

Work is done for the day, wires all tied up.

The aircon unit has arrived and the guys were busy setting it up. 

Testing the system to make sure that everything is working.

Since Leecher wanted to install the air con, he has to pay close attention on the demo of how to clean the unit! That's the price he has to pay, :P

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