Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honeymoon: Lunch at Le Chant Des Voyelles

Before we came to Paris, I had already made reservations at Benoit for lunch on the day we visited Louvre. 30 mins before our appointed seating at 2pm, we left Louvre & walked to the restaurant. The direction was simple: walk on the bank of the River before making a left turn into the street where the restaurant is located. Google map showed that it was just 20 mins walk, but somehow, we ended up walking for 30+ mins. 
The weather was perfect - air-con temperature and there was a gentle breeze. Even though we were walking at top speed, by the time we finally located the place, it was 2.15pm and they refused to grant us entry into the restaurant :( The waiter even pointed to his Rolex Submariner to show me the time. Thus, we had to settle our lunch at a nearby cafe instead. 
We chanced upon this cafe, which looked like a popular place with people outside. Almost fainting from hunger, we headed in straight without even looking at the menu. 
 This restaurant is situated in a busy area, near Pompidou Center. Even though we arrived after (supposedly) lunch hours, the restaurant was still filled with people. They were relaxed, enjoying their afternoon with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. They sure know how to enjoy life!
As usual, Leecher looking through the menu while I have already decided what I want to have. In the end, we both ended up having the set meal.
White & Red. Wine is so cheap in Paris that a glass costs €4 and this was cheaper than drinking water.
Bread to start with ~ soft and crispy that we polished off within seconds and had to request for 2nd serving.
Someone looking distracted, must have spotted pretty ladies walking outside.
Starving! Please let our food come quick!  
Lunch set meal at €13.50, which consisted of starter & main. Beverages are not inclusive. You get to choose from a limited list of selection. Being our first proper meal, we were eager to try anything on the menu.   
Started with The "Voyelles" Salad (lettuce, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, house smoked fillet of duck & poached eggs). Leecher had something exotic ~ rabbit terrine. Yes, you read it right - Leecher had rabbit meat. I took a small bite and it tasted almost like chicken meat. 
Next came our main courses; tagliatelle pasta with "Carbonara" sauce (fresh cream, thick-cut bacon and egg yolk) and grilled steak with roquefort sauce, served with fries.
Tuck in :) It was a hearty meal & we enjoyed ourselves, even though it was a pity we couldn't eat at Benoit. Well, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade!
Le Chant Des Voyelles
2 Rue des Lombards,
75004 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 4277 7707
As we walked along the street (not far from Le Chant Des Voyelles), we came across this bakery shop, Boulangerie. Initially I thought this was a chain of bakery, akin to BreadTalk, Delifrance etc. Little did I know that this was just a name for any bakery shop, since Boulangerie essentially means a shop that makes and sells bread. In this case, the shop above is Boulangerie Julien. 
I just had to walk in and grab something! 
I came out with a chocolate eclair (€2.70), which we polished off on the spot. 
Boulangerie Julien
24 Rue Saint-Martin
75004 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 4887 4617 
Opening Hours: 7.30am till 8.30pm (Mon till Sat). Closed on Sundays. 

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