Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Journey - Bridal Studio Selection

Time seemed to pass by very fast this year - it's now the 5th month of the year and 5 more months to the special day! Till date, we have finished our bridal shoots (my album is still at the studio, as we have no time to go in and collect) and delaying our time in choosing pictures for the montage, lol! But before that, I still rem the day in which we crossed the causeway in search for the bridal studio to capture our moments.

Us crossing the causeway & waiting for the very important person to pick us up @ the customs.

Here comes the car!

Ta-dah! I still remembered Fling just got her license not too long ago when this picture was taken :) We were one of her first few passengers at that time. Thanks Sister for keeping me informed & company :)

Headed to our usual bak ku teh place for a good lunch before we conquered the bridal shops.

We finally decided to sign up with SG Bridal house, parting with a good amount of money for the package. Well, money earned is meant to be spent, esp when its our wedding :)

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