Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Say I Do P1

We were exhausted when we checked into the hotel @ 2pm - I had a quick 1hr nap before Jenny arrived promptly at 4.30pm.

Jenny is extremely good fast & because she worked with in SG Bridal House, she knows that gowns I'm wearing for each event and able to pair the appropriate accessories for it. I didn't even tell her what style I want - just left it to her imagination.

Photographers arrived at 5pm and passed me the tablet for raw pictures for the morning session.

Parents-in-law (PIL) arrived shortly, dressed for the occasion.

Sisters arrived early too to help set up the room for the ROM ceremony later.

Almost ... the final touches!

The tiara that I've requested! Haha, every girl wants to feel like a princess during her big day!

Changed into another gown for ROM.

Lots of hair spray to keep the hair intact. Jenny kept on spraying like there's no tomorrow.

This gown comes with a long train, heehee!

My wedding vows, which I penned specially for the event.

At this point, I was very nervous and my body couldn't stop shivering. The photographers had to calm me down and kept telling jokes to make me laugh.

Meanwhile, the sisters were busy decorating the ROM room

The lovely frame that Vanessa did for our wedding.

Wall E & Eve at the reception table

The lovely rings from Fairy Inc

Got the cue from Leecher to proceed downstairs for the ceremony. Lil bro helping me with the gown.

With Winston - my witness for the event.

Waiting for the cue to enter the room .....

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