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Wedding Celebrations - Cocktail Reception

One full week of endless chores, weekends zoomed by so quickly that it was time for another week. End of May approaching fast & June holidays! I missed being a student, where we get to have month-long holidays. Play first and rushing out homework at the last 3 days before returning back to school. Now, we only have our own annual leave and public holidays to look forward to .... On a brighter note, less than 2 weeks before jetting off again *fingers crossed* Back to the wedding posts - focusing on the lil cocktail reception that we had :)

We had a lil cocktail reception, where we had time to mingle with the guests. Wall-E and Eve representing us and greeting our guests :)

my new bouquet, which was handmade by Auntie Emily. She has been handling all Leecher's flower requests throughout the years. She always chided me for letting Leecher spend money on flowers, but I always told her that I rather he spend it on me than on other girls, lol!

A private area for the guests to mingle before heading into the ballroom for dinner.

Flowers for the reception table & flower petals courtesy of Auntie Emily.

Bros + Sis in charge of reception :)

Table planning is the most difficult of our wedding journey. I was still planning the seating all the way till the eve of our wedding before printing the final copy. Thumbs up for the brothers & sisters for sorting out all the stuff, leaving us to entertain our guests.

Our wedding albums for our guests viewing.

2nd-bro-in-law and eleen looking through our wedding albums.

with AF gang! They came early for the ROM ceremony too :)

Canapes were served throughout cocktail reception and they were polished off before I could even grab a bite!

my lil cousins wanted to know if they are sitting together, lol

This EK v bad - he caught a preview of our wedding montage and he came to tease me about it, so mean!

Bag buddy arrived! Dressed in my fave colour somemore, haha!

with kenneth too.

EK & Minqian were in the ballroom rehearsing their speeches. Extremely grateful to them for being our emcees for the evening.

Before more guests start to arrive, we had a quick rehearsal for our wedding march-in. We decided to include the brothers and sisters for our march-in too :)

Leecher briefing sisters & brothers

It took us several attempts before we could perfect it.

Caught a sneak preview of the morning highlights, lol!

Guests writing their well-wishes on the guest-book - and I recognised this handwriting. The choice of pink pen and the familiar font belongs to my dear sister, Miaoli :)

Must fill in your names for the angpao!

Slotting the angpaos into the boxes :)

Leecher's colleague, Tina was one of the guests to arrive. All the brothers made sure that she was well taken care of.

with Leecher's extended family - 二姨,三姨 & 小舅's family

Leecher's 小老姑 , 小老姑丈 and family

Leecher's 二老姨 and 二老姨丈

财叔 & wife also graced the event.

二舅 and wife, together with Mouyi & Adeline - who got married on Xmas day in the zoo.

Richard flew in specially from London for my wedding *hearts*

John Betts came along as well.

Not forgetting Elliott, who was one of the 1st to arrive :) The guys had a drinking session @ Clarke Quay before walking over to the hotel for dinner.

Issac and Javier were so happy to be here, for they found a lot of their playmates.

Javier giving me his teddy bear hug :)

with my cousins, mummy and 大姨.

my extended family - granny with her grandchildren (missing a few who was mingling with other guests)

with cousins who are more of my age :)

二婶 and cousins

三叔's family

Mummy and 小舅妈 who happened to be classmates during their secondary school days.

my grand uncle + son + wife, who has recently given birth to another cute baby girl :)

with uncles and aunties, who came specially for the wedding despite their busy schedules.

with 五姨丈, Auntie Patricia & their 2 lovely daughters.

lil brother took over the duty of helping our relatives to their seats, under Mummy dearest guidance.

while I took care of our friends and colleagues.

The bestest cousin and GF, Ivan & Pam. It's funny how we are like grand-cousins (super long-distance relationship), yet our relationship is closer than immediate cousins. I'm so happy that this cousin of mine will be tying the knot in 2 years time!

JC mates - Rongshan, Desmond, Kelly and Audrey (Bad Influence).

Posing for the camera :)

Some of my colleagues from other departments - Lina, Jordan and also Xiaoqiang, who now moved to the ranks of my ex-colleague.

EK & Pris - this EK still telling me not to marry Leecher but to marry him instead >.<

Raymond, Jacq, Zhiguang, Shuya and Raymond. Both Shuya & Raymond must have felt a sense of deja-vu as they were standing at the exact spot in May for their wedding. Can't wait to attend Jacq & Gavin's wedding come Dec :)

with Huaiqin & Sheena. Baby Kaela had to be left in the hands of her granny.

Leecher's big boss, Edmond.

Caught taking a break - Raymond with the table plan and preparing for the table-shoots later.

with my 大舅 & 二舅 families.

Leecher's RM Eric who came to give his blessings.

with Baoli - wedding bells ringing for her soon!

Andrew & Esther, my old time BPian mates. I used to sit behind Andrew (though I was much shorter than him) and will always kick his chair if he annoys me too much! Those were the days that will always be remembered fondly.

with Yiqian, Leecher's JC mate and she also happened to be Winston's colleague. I bumped into her @ Winston's wedding and she was surprised to see both me & Leecher @ the reception table, lol! What a small world :p

Also invited some of my neighbours, who are close friends with my mum. We even have keys to one-another houses.

Busy running around & mingling with the guests, which was great fun!

Leecher's batch-mate at work, Alvin who finally decided to settle down this year.

Ivy, Leecher's colleague who came without Baby Julian. Baby Julian loves playing with the angry bird toy when he came over for our housewarming.

with Yuhong, Tina, Wendy & Ryan.

Leecher having a fun time collecting angpaos, lol!

Picture together with Leecher's colleagues.

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