Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Say I Do P2

Hello from Amsterdam! Was in Paris the previous week with Leecher for our honeymoon, and now, we are spending a week in Amsterdam :) Weather is kinda cold (for my standard) but Leecher is enjoying every moment of it - walking along the streets under the sun but not sweating at all. Paris was lovely and no, I didn't go crazy shopping - much to Leecher's surprise! Can't wait to check out the lovely Keukenhof garden (that was the main purpose of our Amsterdam trip) later in the week. Back to our wedding posts and before you know it, we will touch down in sunny island SG :)

When the cue was given, we began to march in into the room. Win could sense that I was feeling very nervous and kept telling me to just enjoy the moment.

So glad to see a lot of our friends & relatives who came specially for this ceremony.

Leecher waiting patiently at the end of the aisle.

Holding my hands and helping me to the table, where the Justice of Peace (JP) was sitted together with the Win & Daddy-in-Law.

JP Phua Tan Tee was one of the more popular JP based on the +ve reviews that we gathered across forums. We were glad to have chosen him as our JP, for he was funny, cracking jokes and drew a lot of laughter from the crowd.

My initial nervous feelings were calmed by Leecher's presence and JP Phua's humour. Soon, we were laughing till I almost felt tears in my eyes.

Time to exchange our rings :)

"With this ring, I marry you"

We chose to write our own vows, as we wanted it to be meaningful and special just for the 2 of us. Leecher was so stressed out over his vows, but he said his vows beautiful (and he even memorized it!) that drew tears from me.

Tissues promptly arrived at Leecher's hands (my sisters are super efficient!)

I got my cue card ready with my vows written on it, so Leecher had to hold the mic for me while I said my vows to him.

And sealing our vows with a kiss :)

JP Phua continued to entertain us with his humour - he was switching effortlessly between English, Mandarin and sometimes, translated some parts of his speech into Teochew/Hokkien for the elder guests.

Time to print our names on the ROM cert, whereby we will officially be married!

JP Phua signing his name on our cert. Once we finished signing the cert, JP Phua announced that we can now login to our Facebook and change our status, lol!

Tadah - we are officially married!

He's such a fatherly figure and gave us both words of wisdom for maintaining our marriage.

Newly prompted to Mrs Lim Kesheng, lol! Still gives me the jitters when someone calls me Mrs Lim - sounds so old!

I was alright initially, but tears just kept flowing when receiving the well wishes from brothers and sisters! We're very thankful for everyone who came especially early for the ROM ceremony :) The event wouldn't have been the same without your presence!

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