Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Tea Ceremony P2

Back @ mum's place, but before that, we walked to the basketball court for bouquet throwing.

Even the brothers also joined in for the toss of bride's bouquet. Why do brides toss their bouquets? As early as the 14th century, it was believed that the bride is the luckiest girl on the planet on her wedding day. Some guests would tear at her dress to get a piece of good luck to take home. The toss of the bouquet came out of the desire of the bride to give her guests good luck souvenirs, as well as keeping her dress intact. It has also been said that whoever catches the bouquet becomes the next bride.

I was literally using all my force to throw the bouquet for the sisters!

Haa, the sisters pose well in trying to catch the bouquet :)

And guess who caught it - EK! I threw with all my might and it flew past the sisters and towards the brothers' territory.

After the lil fun that we had, time to move on & walked back to mum's place for tea ceremony.

Leecher serving tea for mummy.

Mummy dearest giving him the gold ring that she bought.

My turn

Leecher helping mummy with the necklace, that now belongs to me. The necklace was given by my granny (mum's mum) to her and mummy decided that she wants to pass to me for my wedding.

Putting on the necklace for me.

At this point, my tears just couldn't control and came gushing down! Gosh, I had no idea what happened, but tears just rolled uncontrollably, haha. My MUA must have predicted this and put on extremely waterproof mascara for me in the morning.

Sisters trying to wipe my tears for me without ruining my makeup, thanks girls!

Tracy, our VG had to leave to rush back to her studio for our express morning highlights.

Yummy lunch for us! Mummy even added mushroom cuz she knows how much I like them :)

Dig in!

Break-time before resuming tea ceremony with the other relatives.

All the relatives had their lunch, so we took our positions. They didn't want us to kneel, so we served them tea, standing.

Grandma, from dad's side.

Granny, from mum's side. She always fuss about us during CNY, making sure that we have enough food to eat. Leecher loves drinking her brewed soup and always empties the pot, haha!

Qian keeping track of the angpao.

My grand-aunts, who came very early in the morning to help out.

大姑姑 and 姑丈

二叔 & 二妽. 二妽 was so funny - she remained seated on the chair and when 二叔 asked her why she's not moving, she replied "不是要拍照吗?" So, the photographers took a pic of them smiling into the cam :)

三叔 & 三妽. He held our hands together and gave us words of wisdom on maintaining a marriage.

Serving tea to 大姨.

Tearful hugs from 小姑姑. After all the tears, time for family pictures :)

with baby bro, lil bro and mummy!

with my grand-aunts.

my lil (paternal) cousins. Yes, I am the eldest in the family and the lil ones are still in their single-digit-age.

with 大姑姑's family. They have a big family of 5 siblings! The only 3 cousins that are within my age group.

The Lim's family girl & guy power respectively.

二叔's family, missing my 2 cousins who couldn't make it for the morning session.

三叔's family.

with grandma.

Ah Chai uncle & Auntie Emily, together with Sarah and Ivan. Aunt Emily helped us a lot during the wedding & prepared the corsages for my lovely sisters. She even prepared my evening bouquet at the very last min!

my uncles and aunties

大姨, Auntie Emily, Grandaunties and Sarah.

my eldest cousin (from my side) who is now a mum of 2 kids! lil Javier is very hyperactive while his big brother Issac is kinda camera-shy. After the round of pic-taking, it was time to pack up and head to the hotel.

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