Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reno Diary - Carpentry

Carpentry works usually take up the bulk of renovation costs, as they consist of cabinets and measured by per foot run. So, the more carpentry you have, the more you have to pay. We had a hard time choosing for materials due to the theme, but still, glad that everything worked out :) thanks for the wonderful inputs by the designers - and I had a dabble in conceptualizing and designing all the items, so pretty proud of my  handiwork :)

Installation of cupboards

Measurements are provided to the carpenters beforehand, so they could start work first. They transported the finished products (part by part) to the house to assemble.

We had 2 teams of carpenters working on our house. They were pretty efficient and took only 1 day to assemble all the pieces together. We left after awhile, for them to continue their work.

We came back at night to check out the progress. 

Shoes cabinet! One of my fave part of the house, for it immediately reflects the theme :)

Kitchen cabinets. Holes were cut for placing kitchen hob and sink.

Small island that was constructed. 

The bomb shelter that is cleverly concealed behind the door. 

TV console & WIW (uncompleted)   

Fixture of solid surface & kitchen accessories

Kitchen & bathroom accessories arrived on the same day.

Kitchen sink & hob being fixed before they installed solid surface. We chose a solid surface that's light in colour, to match the kitchen tiles.
Leecher filling in his details for the warranty for our hob & hood. The small island sure came in useful!

Cornices on cabinets

We added cornices on top of the cabinets, to keep to our theme :) They really made a difference to the whole look! 

Completed Look

 The doors are ready to be installed onto the cupboards & we selected different knobs for different cabinets.

  Once the carpentry is completed, the whole renovation journey is almost 80% completed :) And start packing the bags for moving over!

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