Monday, September 17, 2012

Reno Diary - Wetworks & Painting

This month has been extremely busy! My to-do list is filling up fast and needed to get the new website sorted out soon before the next launch. Packing my bags for a short trip to KL with the boss, but boss will be coming back earlier than me :( why why why? Changed the banner of the blog over the weekend, heehee! Anyway, before I jet off, here's a continuation of Reno Diary - this time round, focusing on wet works - where tiles will be laid and shower kerb to be constructed.

Sand in the house

 The sight that greeted us when we opened the door.

Tiles are from Hafary - one of the leading tile suppliers in Singapore. We went to Hafary's shop on our own, selected the tiles and requested for the sample piece. Then, we passed the sample piece to our designers and asked them to negotiate for a better price :)

I was reminded of my childhood days, where we used to build sandcastles with our shoves, spades and pails. It's a pity that nowadays we seldom see playgrounds with sand pits anymore :( Think the last remaining few can be found in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh. 

The workers have also touched up on the areas that were hacked away. Leecher was pleased at their efficiency and Papa-in-Law helping us to monitor their progress on days when we were not around. 

  Progress after 1 week

For new home owners (esp BTO projects), you can only overlay on the existing kitchen/bathroom tiles. For flats that are over X years (can't rem the exact figure, but it should be 5 years and above), you can choose to hack the existing tiles and replace it with new ones. So, to save costs (every single step in home renovation needs money!), we decided to stick to the tiles that was provided by HDB. Tiles have to be purchased from HDB if bases for kitchen cabinets, washing machine and fridge are constructed.  

Base for washing machine in the service yard. 

Shower kerb raised for shower screen, in the master bedroom. I kinda like the grey colour scheme, as it was easier to maintain. You can't really tell if its dirty or not :p

Splash of Colours :)

Our designers gave us up to a selection of 5 colours to be used for the whole house. As I already know what type of colour combination is ideal for the house, we bargained for better paint quality in exchange for less colours used :) Colours will determine the mood for the house, so all along, I was pretty much in favour for pastel colours.

Blue chosen for the living room, which represents peace and tranquility :) 

 Purple for all 3 bedrooms :) I'm so glad Leecher let me paint our bedroom purple for he was worried it would be weird for him to stay in a purple room, heehee! The shade turned out pretty well.
Living room pastel blue against bedroom pastel purple :)

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