Friday, September 7, 2012

Reno Diary - Lights, Shine Lights P2

During the renovations, we spent most of the time during weekends combing up and down different parts of Singapore looking for stuff for the house. We went lights shopping in Geylang - and found most of our lights in this little shop hidden at a corner. I reckoned it was a family-run business and the owner happened to graduate from NTU as well!

Arrival of the loots

Lovely day from the service yard :) We arrived early at the place and saw Edwin & assistant hard at work already.

Cement and all other wetworks stuff all piled up in the kitchen. More on wetworks process later!

The lights that we bought arrived! The delivery uncle unpacking the lights and letting us check through before heading for another delivery.

This is our electrician, Edwin hard @ work - measuring the lights dimensions for the false ceiling.

We left them to do their work while we headed off for more house-shopping :)

Lights, Shine Lights

Fluorescent lights in the living room, to create a cosy ambience :)

Down lights scattered all over the false ceiling.

Bedroom light!

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