Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Post Wedding Trip - Bali P3

Tuesday! Gosh, I feel like I'm counting down to the days of the week, wishing that time would accelerate to Friday, then praying that time would come to a standstill during weekends. Well, God is fair - everyone of us have 24 hours a day & it would depend on how each one of us make use of the time we have on hand. Recently, I find it increasingly difficult to manage my time to allocate to the activities that I wanna have :( I've been going out less often with friends ever since I came back from my trips and I dislike that feeling! Time for some adjustment! Maybe, I just need Leecher to share some of my workload :p

Indon breakfast to start the day :) Nasi goreng & maggi goreng, with fresh fruits and juices - all in the comfort of the villa *likes*

Sunny weather - in fact, the weather was fantastic during the whole of our trip.

To head out or not?

On second thoughts - looking at the fiery sun - think we better not.

Drinks & snacks to accompany us while we read. In fact, it was so peaceful and quiet that I almost fell asleep.

Time for a swim :) Well, I am a non-swimmer, so I just go and 泡水 and have some fun *self-entertainment*

Time for our afternoon massage!

Heading out of the villa to the spa centre.

The compound is located on a slope and our villa is at the bottom of the slope, but nevertheless, the pavement is still pretty steep.

The sun blazing fiercely! We explored the whole compound trying to look for the spa center, but we couldn't locate it :( So we went back to the villa and rang up Lisa. She told us their spa centre is mobile, haha! They will come to our villa for massage session.

The masseurs arrived at our doorsteps and moved the lounge chairs into the living room.

All set and ready for massage!

Flower bath thereafter :) The masseurs must have exerted all her strength for I suffered from redness all over my body.

After a 2hrs massage & flower bath later, we were all fresh and ready for dinner :)

On whatsapp with the bro & sis group :)

Almost time for sunset. Initially, we wanted to venture out to Jimbaran Bay for dinner & sunset. However, the journey will take around 1hr - so by the time we reached, it will be dark. So we decided to just nua inside the resort and prepared our own dinner.

Chef Leecher preparing our (maggi mee) dinner.

I contributed by pouring drinks :p

Then, I took my own drink out to chill by the pool first, lol!

Toss Toss & it's done!

Getting ready to soak our feet in the water while we have our dinner by the pool :)

Cheers with Fanta, one of my (fave) drinks.

Simple meal cooked by Leecher.

Enjoying the lovely sunset .... love the pink hues of streaks decorating the sky. A sight that take it for granted every day.

Though this Leecher sometimes irritate the hell out of me, I'm still thankful that I found him.

xoxo, till the next post :)

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