Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reno Diary - Shortlisting Designers P2

Lots of my peers have reached the age whereby we are all embarking on a new journey in our lives - getting engaged/married, buying the love nest and renovation. Now that I've penned down our wedding journey (minus the honeymoon trips), time to pen down our journey of building our love nest together. Posts will be consolidated at the side banner under "Maison de Joie" for easier reference :)

The most difficult part in the reno process is selecting the designers/contractors that you want to work with - for each individual has their own preference/expectations. A designer that works for you may not meet the expectation of another. Leecher's colleagues were so helpful & passed a lot of contacts to us. I did my homework via the net and chanced upon a forum post posted by a guy - which pinpoints exactly the feelings of a young couple's renovation process! Call it my utlra-accurate 6th sense, I felt that the designer mentioned in his post was the designer that I've been searching for.

Armed with the contact details, I called up the designer & we arranged to meet up for a discussion. It was a pleasant meeting & they were extremely interested in our cottage concept, for it was something they didn't attempt before. At the same time, we went to meet other designers, but nothing came close to what they can offer or the interaction that we have with them. Henceforth, the choice was pretty obvious. We signed up with Inside Living Pte Ltd, entrusting our love nest reno in the arms of Jessie & Merane.

*picture extracted from their webpage

Inside Living Design Pte Ltd
195 Lavender Street,
#01-02A Eminent Plaza,
Singapore 338758
Tel: 6292 0811

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