Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Dinner P2

What's a wedding dinner without drinking? After we finished our table-pic-taking round, Leecher got summoned to the Bro & Sis table, where an array of drinks was waiting for him.

Bottoms up to a cocktail mixed of red wine & beer, while I sipped my white wine! They always want to tekan the groom, so I had it easy.

Then, all our friends joined forces and came over for yum-seng! Everyone were in high spirits and just drinking merrily - or rather, forcing Leecher to bottoms up on every concoction they came up with.

While Leecher was still sober enough, we took our positions to send the guests off. There were tons of guests-sending pictures & we've selected a few pictures for this entry. Majority of the pics are me hugging pple, heehee.

Love mummy dearest the most!

The in-laws enjoying a lil chat before the guests came out.

with our new parents :)

with Grandma, Auntie Emily & Ah Chai Uncle

with 大姨.

Leecher's RM, Priscilla.

Joseph Lee spotted with 2 ice-trays.

with my cousin & GF. Can't wait for him to settle down too :)

Bernard tried to scare me by pretending to be drunk and wanted to hug me.

Cheeky face :p

Sharing a hug with FMQ, thanks so much!

Hug with my cousin.

Leecher's JC mates.

Hugs with Win & Vanessa. Looking forward to them moving into the neighbourhood!

My wonderful bosses :)

A man-hug b/w Leecher & Kaiwei.

with EK, we always enjoy bickering with each other, lol!

Baby bro feeling tired, so lil bro & mummy went home when most of the guests left.

Finally, with the bro&sis group, who stayed on till late and went up the bridal suit for another round of drinking!

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