Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Dinner P1

The half year mark - another 6 more months before we welcome 2013. Time literally flies this yr, esp when it seemed only yesterday when we count down @ BEDS during NYE. And, I am still blogging about the wedding, haha! Yes, I know I'm extremely slow but we have (finally) reached the banquet proper :)

*this pic courtesy from FMQ's foodie blog

Our wedding favours - measuring spoons & ice-cube trays for our guests.

Menu for the day, placed at every table.

Wedding figurine @ the top of the fake wedding cake. I used to think that these wedding cakes are real when I was young.

Brothers & Sisters gathered outside, waiting for the cue for march-in.

Inside the banquet hall, EK & Minqian were addressing our guests after they watched our childhood montage.

Marching in to the 1st song that we picked :) Felt magical with Leecher by my side.

Cake cutting ceremony! The wedding cake even had a slit for us to "cut" the cake.

Leecher helping me down the stage for our dinner. Food!!!

Waiting for food to be served! For a full review of food served during the wedding, hop onto foodie FMQ's post here.

Around the 2nd course, with the help of my sisters, I went back to the suite to change into my 2nd outfit & headed down for the 2nd march-in.

Ta-dah! My bollywood inspired outfit.

Champagne-pouring - ok, I only action action only, Leecher did the pouring.

交杯酒 - Crossing our arms and drinking the champagne together. This meant that we will form be forming a new family together and nothing can separate us.

Families & friends came up the stage to yum-seng together with us. Waves and waves of yum-seng filled up the banquet hall that night.

After the round of yum-seng, we took over the mike to give our thank-you speech.

Leecher "thanking" me for looking after this big baby & his pledge of love to me - and I held back my tears!

Turning to EK (who stood by the side) for being our match-maker.

My turn to give my speech :)

Tears came flowing as I thanked mummy dearest & once again, tissue arrived promptly in Leecher's hand *good job*

Think my speech must be quite touching, cuz lil bro was spotted with tears in his eyes too.

After giving our speeches, time for more picture-taking with the guests :)

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