Monday, February 20, 2012

Pre-Wedding Trip to BKK P1

I was kinda stressed out over the wedding preparations that I decided that we should go on a pre-wedding trip to unwind 1 month before the wedding, haha! Fling was telling me that we super ga-rang, 1 month before the wedding still can go on a 1 week trip, haha! It was a much needed trip for us, as we had left our wedding plans in SG while we flew to BKK for lots of shopping & food!

Based from our experience from the previous trip, we decided to travel light and only pack the essentials!

Late lunch @ Delifrance, as we are traveling budget!

I couldn't book us on an earlier flight, so have to make do with a later timing :(

Haha, entertaining ourselves on board the no-entertainment flight. Normally, I'll be trying to catch some sleep while Leecher plays with his phone.

2 hours later, we landed! Leecher entrusted the task of being the porter. Don't say I bully him hor - I use my brains while he uses labour, haha!

As soon as we hit a familiar surrounding, he passed my luggage back to me ... this is what we called 过河拆桥.

We'll be alighting at the last stop of the airport rail this time round.

This time, our accommodation is really budget to the max, but the place is very clean and with lots of space to put our loots :) As it was rather late & raining, we decided to pack our meals from the nearby convenience shops. Looks pathetic? Well, it didn't look so from the packaging at all! My green curry rice only came with 5 miserable small fish-balls.


So we had a good night sleep and woke up for breakfast the next morning.

They have 12 dishes for breakfast - 6 local and 6 american/english.

We both went for thai breakfast for the 1st day.

We stayed at Lemonseed this time round. It's really a B&B, so don't expect anything fanciful.

The usual walk to Platinum Mall! Yeah! Shopping time :)

Settled our lunch @ the food court, with our fave thai ice tea, yum yum!

Crepes from a random stall on the roadside.

Their version of lok-lok - but I say skip this if you can. Nothing fantastic and the food tastes rubbery.

I couldn't locate the roadside stall that we visited in Jan, so settled for another one instead. Not as nice as I thought it would be, so I left majority of the food untouched & went to 7-11 for noodles instead.

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