Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pre-WeddingTrip to BKK P5

29th Feb, a day that comes only once every 4 years. I used to know 4 29th Feb babies in my primary school days, but sad to say, I haven been in touch with them ever since. We used to joke that they are quite 可怜 as they can only celebrate their birthdays once every 4 years. To me, I get an additional day to plan for Leecher's birthday, heehee! Anyway, the final installment for our BKK trip.

The day continued with more feasting, walking and relaxing :)

Started the day with Baskin Robbins!

Cuz we happened to saw this promotion - buy 1 get 1 free! So Leecher drag me into the shop.

undecided on what he wanna get

Leecher went for fruity sorbet while I stick to chocolate ice cream. In the end, he liked my ice cream better, lol! Talk about being fickle-minded.

@ Central World for shopping & lunch.

Brought Leecher to try out Taling Pling, as we were both craving for green curry and all sorts of curry - something that we can't try out at roadside stalls. If there's any recommendation for green curry in BKK, please let me know, all the more reason to go back for another visit :)

Leecher looking through the menu, trying to decide what else to eat besides green curry.

Cold drinks to cool ourselves. The heat was so unbearable that we had to drink lots of cold drinks or stay indoors for shopping.

We decided to order all kinds of curry to satisfy our cravings. Green curry tasted way better than red curry, so we concluded to stick to green next time.

Despite ordering 6 dishes b/w the 2 of us, the serving wasn't that big, so we managed to finish all the food.

Saw this food vendor selling thai salad.

We decided to try taking the bus this time round to Chinatown.

The bus conductor selling tickets onboard.

Old school bus tickets :)

The bus conductor told us to get off earlier, as there was some festival within the area and traffic will be bad. It would be faster to travel by foot. So off we hopped off the bus to soak in some festive mood.

Walking along the streets selling all sorts of food - Leecher's eyes kept blinking non-stop, haha!

Samples fresh off the frying pan.

I thought they were plastic food on display due to the vibrant colours, but these were edible.

Butterfly pea + berry drink - taste yucky. Do not attempt.

There was even a recording from one of the local stations.

2 (light) boxes this time.

Leecher with our purchases.

Headed back to the hotel to pack our stuff :)

My new earrings from this trip *gasp* I didn't know that I bought that many till Leecher took it out to count (48 pairs), opps.

See, he also know how to shop what, occupying half the bed.

Ok, guess women still beat men in shopping, judging from my loots. BKK, I miss you so much!

Early morning flight

The streets were pretty quiet and empty.

A step closer to going home.

Came with 2, home with 6. *pats back for job well-done* No excess baggage this time round!

Felt lighter after checking in our luggage.

Breakfast @ Mango tree, quite exp.

Time to head to the gates.

The best way to save space? Wear your new shoes and throw away the box.

Up. up and away!

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