Monday, February 27, 2012

Pre-Wedding Trip to BKK P4

We spent another day at Chatuchak Market, combing for more stuff for our love nest.

Rather than cabs, BTS and MRT are usually our mode of transport. I realised that even though all cabs are now running on meter, there are still a lot of taxis not following it. So rather than waste time bargaining and worse, enduring bad traffic, I rather take the most convenient and direct way.

Yeah, we were both wearing hats. FYI - Leecher borrowed the less-feminine hat.

My newly purchased sun hat :)

Not bad right? Looking like Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

I'm sure he's trying to ignore the ribbon at the back, LOL!

All time fave thai-iced-tea!

The scorching sun made us perspired so much that we need to seek shelter among the alleys instead of walking at the main street.

There are no lack of places to lunch at Chatuchak, but nailing the right one is extremely difficult. This cafe is better at western food than thai food, which was rather surprising.

Dinner @ food court, MBK. This food court is still using coupons instead of card. Exchange the unused vouchers back for cash at the counters. Food-wise wasn't as good as Platinum mall, though these 2 food court were under the same management.

Saw this interesting shop while walking around MBK. Shoes designed with all sorts of buttons - almost wanted to get a pair, but it came with a hefty price tag :(

Ended the night @ fave Mac :) Tell me, how not to get fat eating like this everyday?

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