Friday, February 24, 2012

Pre-Wedding Trip to BKK P3

Another day in BKK :) I think I can never get tired of this place as it's fabulous for shopping :) I'm sure many girls will agree with me, heehee! As I'm blogging this, I've already booked my tickets to BKK this year, yippee! Jun said I'm hooked on BKK, which I have to admit it's very true!

We tried another 2 items on the menu - fried rice with chicken & set breakfast with omelette.

The busy BKK traffic - sometimes taking the BTS is faster than taking the cab.

Check out this cab! Fully protected from the front to the back. I wonder if this cab is too accident-prone that the owner decided to take extra precaution?

Paid a visit to the famous Erawan Shrine, where the four-faced buddha is located. The place is always crowded with tourists and locals who have come to offer their prayers.

The day was pretty hot and humid so I was dressed in a plain spag top and shorts.

Taking the BTS

The weekend trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market

love :)

Had to look out for anything cold to quench the thirst, for the sun was blazing hot that day. Thai Iced Tea came to the rescue.

The thai-iced-tea-man even performed to entertain the customers. Amazing stunt *clap clap*

Bought pork crackers, which was more commonly known as 炸猪油渣.

We chanced upon these 2 figurines for our house - even though the price was steep, we still decided to lug them back.

After hours of walking, we were tired and needed to find a place to rest and recharge.

Coconut to quench our thirst.

Lunch @ The Family Cafe - quite a lot of items were sold out, so we had to make do with what was left.

After putting our stuff back @ the B&B, we headed out to Health Land. My client recommended this place to me when I went on my 1st BKK trip and been wanting to bring Leecher to try out.

Leecher can't wait to start as his legs were on the brink of collapsing from all the walking.

We were there at almost 9.30pm and the place was still crowded.

Leecher was so happy to rest his butt on the comfy sofa.

Waiting for our turn to be called. The turn-around time is normally quite fast, as they have a lot of in-house masseurs to distribute the workload.

Tired legs from all the walking

After 1hr of massage, I felt energized and all ready to conquer another 3 days of walking, haha! Time to make our way to my fave roadside stall :)

Taking the BTS & walking across 3 streets, just for
I had 2.5 bowls of this, cuz Leecher couldn't finish his share, so I gobbled it up!

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