Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pre-Wedding Trip to BKK P2

The good thing about the B&B where we stayed at, they served breakfast till 11am, haha! Great for lazy bums like us, who will rush down to the cafeteria at 5 mins before 11am :)

Leecher went for English breakfast - which comes with egg, bacon, ham, sausage and bread. I continued with my quest on Thai breakfast - pork with rice. Love the fragrance of the pork that Leecher had to nip some off my plate to pair it with his bread.

As usual, Leecher will always go to the tailors to tailor-made his shirts. Based on his fren's recommendation, we went to Paul's Fashion located at Amari Watergate. It was crowded with lots of Singaporeans! We had to wait for a long time to be served, as this family of 4 took a long time to decide on the cloth & the domineering wife/mother has an opinion on what her husband & son wear. Meanwhile, we saw the cloth that Leecher tailored at Ambassador Fashion. This cloth was way cheaper in Paul's than Ambassador! Wa, confirmed kena cheated. The salesperson gave us some discount (small discount but better than nothing) cuz I lamented that we waited very long, haha!

Lunch @ Platinum Mall, where I must have my mama-mee & thai ice tea. I was pretty upset that I didn't buy anything the day before while Leecher went back with 2 bags - so unfair! So today, I was bent on getting something just to curb my imbalance feeling!

Leecher with his caffeine fix in a small Nescafe paper cup & he concluded that coffee is not really that tasty in Thailand. Only mac coffee has the familiar taste that he was looking for.

Once inside Platinum mall, you won't walk out till its closing time. The string of taxis and tuk-tuk waiting outside the mall to pick up passengers.

It was drizzling lightly and the make-shift tentages were in place, providing shelter for the diners.

Trying out their local beer

The crowd is never-ending. Tables get filled quickly, by locals or tourists and on every single table, we saw this dish

So, we ordered one to try! It was a tad salty, but when paired with the condiments, it certainly whips up the appetite for more :)

Tom Yum goong - but not as spicy as I thought it would be :(

We had the mini seafood steamboat & we didn't feel very satisfied, so off we went for desserts!

Exploring the mall for a nice dessert place

In the mood for crepes :)

Too used to eating @ roadsides that seeing a proper table setting took some mental adjustment.

Original French Apple cider, which is the tradition french drink with crepes.

Playing with 自拍, whose better at it?

Nutella crepe, hazelnut chocolate and chantilly - you can never go wrong with chocolates.

Leecher ordered Chocolat-Orange - marmalade, choc sauce and cointreau liqueur.

Chocolatey desserts to end the night :)

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