Monday, March 19, 2012

An Chuan Day

Back from my trip and home to a basket filled with laundry. My luggage used to clear miraculously by itself when staying with mummy dearest. Now, it still stays pretty much the same at the exact place where I left it last night, haiz :( Too tired to unpack, but before heading to bed, here's a wedding post related to bed too :)

A few days before the wedding, we had to 安床 (Bed-Setting). This process simply involves moving the nuptial bed to right position, along with adding the new bedsheets.

Leecher & lil bro helping out on changing new bedsheets. Traditionally, the bedsheets would consists of symbols of dragons and phoenixes. Under the Western influence, many Chinese couples prefer pink sheets with flowers or hearts. We still prefer some simpler, so we got plain red sheets instead.

Gotten the nuptial bed setting package & a set of lamps.

In Chinese, lamp (灯 – dēng) has the similar sound of son (丁 - dīng). As such, lighting the lamps (添灯- tiān dēng) is symbolic of adding sons (添丁 – tiān dīng) to the family.

According to the fengshui booklet from Master Long, we need to prepare the following:

4 types of fruits, 1 each - to signify safe, peace and good health throughout the 4 seasons yearly.

1 pineapple - to signify never-ending prosperity & happiness from generation to generation. 1 "huat kueh" to signify fruitful union with good wealth & abundance fortune. 1 red packet, to signify fame & success troughtout the whole of the 12 months yearly.

Leecher placing all the items at their respective positions.

On the day of 安床, the nuptial bed must be occupied by a person. This auspicious ritual is to attract and keep the beneficial energy to energize the nuptial bed, to successfully harness the excellent chi that enhances martial bliss.

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