Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Gown Selection

As the big day draws nearer, we scheduled another trip to SG Bridal house to select the gowns & suits :)

Leecher had it easy, as he only need to try on the different types of suits.

I spent almost 3 hours trying out 4 sets of gowns.

Brides-to-be have a special instinct towards the right gown, your heart will automatically react to it once you have put on the gown - so keep on choosing till you feel it! After I shortlisted the above gowns, I had a strange feeling that those were not the right ones - so I called Ivy and asked if I could re-choose all the gowns & she agreed (thumbs up for their service!). So we went in for another round & finally, I managed to find what I wanted!

Selected this set of bears for our car deco

The friday before the wedding, we drove into JB to pick up the gowns.

2 big bags of gowns & suits.

My hand bouquet

Uncle helping us to load the bags into the car & off we went!

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