Friday, March 9, 2012

Stag Day

Coincidentally, Leecher had his stag day on the same day as my hen's night. Can't believe I'm blogging for his behalf cuz he's still very much in retirement (and not doing anything else apart from expanding his waist line, haha!). Anyway, the guys met up bright and early for a day trip to Batam :)

The guys went for 2 rounds of go-kart - 10 mins drive from Harris Batam. The tracks were so muddy that Leecher came back with his soiled T-shirt and I had difficulties getting rid of the stains.

Leecher told me the horror story of cabbies in Batam. The guys walked back to Harris, hoping to spot a cab - this particular driver wanted to charge each pax $25 for a ride from the go-kart to this dim-sum place (which they found out later was just a 10-mins ride from go-kart centre). Gosh, that's daylight robbery - that's $125 in cab fare. Can take you around Singapore island to-and-back 4 times lo. The guys didn't give in and walked further away and managed to grab a cab that charges $3 per pax. Wow, I didn't know that they charge by pax now!

The pro-family-gang who celebrated his stag day! I have no worries leaving Leecher in their hands, heehee!

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