Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drinks with Bros & Sis

The 2nd round of celebration with Bros & Sis - met up with them to pass them the wedding invites @ CMPB. The usual late-comers 难得 arrive on time!

Cuz I nv expected them to be on time, I ended up late, haha!

Then, adjourned to BEDS for KTV & drinks. The guys always like to sing sad songs and then feel sad for themselves.

Amos the cheeky one!

ZZG's turn with the mike.

Qian came after a wedding dinner & Ryan tried to coax her into drinking.

The guys taking turns to drink and hugging each other, haha! We took lots of videos & pictures, Ryan was still sober enough and prevented us from loading onto Facebook. Some of the pictures turned out too dark, and Qian managed to brighten them a bit using her photoshop skills.


Great night out with the gang!

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