Friday, October 25, 2013

Honeymoon: Exploring Tuileries Garden

We are often caught up in the rat race and neglected the time to rest and relax. People always lament that the weekends are too short & in fact, I find myself even busier during weekends than weekdays. There are 1001 things that I aim to achieve within 2 days - be it cleaning the house, working on entries on this blog, sorting out pictures, visiting parents, cafe-hopping or just catching up on sleep.
Looking back at these travel pictures, I kinda missed the carefree times we had in Paris :) Wanderlust bug is slowly creeping out, once again, haha! After our mini picnic, we decided to sit by the fountain and just watch the world goes by. 
Every other visitor was engaged in their own activities in their self-contained bubble ~ watching the ducks wadding in the fountain, feeding the birds with their leftovers or just simply deep in thoughts/staring into space.
 We spent almost an hour just sitting at the fountain; sometimes chatting about our lives and other times, our minds just wandered off. Coupled with the fine weather, I could literally dozed off in my chair.
I took this pic with my iphone. While I was sorting out our pics (from both camera + phones), I came across this pic
HAHA! Is that what you call telepathy?
Time to pack up and head back to the hotel for check out :) We'll be moving accommodation for this day, to a service apartment that I managed to find from the web. It helped us to save some $$ which translates into more shopping fund, heh!
#Selfies along the way.
Condusive environment to read a book. 
Hmm, I think Leecher has a special liking towards my Hello Kitty phone, lol!
Strolling in the park. Leecher claimed that his 影 resembled that of a 诗人 (^^) If we pretended that the phone is a scroll, adding a long pigtail & with some imagination .... OK, can pass off, haha!
Playing with our shadows since the sun is out :)
We wished we had more time to explore the garden. I even wished I had brought along my jogging shoes for a jog around the place :) Nevertheless, it was time to head back to the hotel for last min pack up! 

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