Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Honeymoon: Grocery Shopping

The apartment that we stayed was well situated - a min walk to Champs Elysees Ave and very close to the Metro Line Exit. A couple of restaurants/eateries were all within walking distance.  The next step was to head to the super market to stock up on food, haha! We checked the neighbourhood map that Jad printed for us and discovered that a supermarket was located around the corner.
This became our go-to store for grocery over the next few days. Franprix opened its first store in 1958 and that started the birth of a new network. Till date, there are more than 900 stores around the area, catering to our everyday needs.
A wide range of food for us to choose from! Even though we had a kitchen, it will be probably easier to buy ready-packed food and heat it up in the microwave whenever hunger pangs strike during late hours. 
Their range of packed food is so extensive that we were spoiled for choices!
Not to mention that they have really cheap wine available too! We got a couple of bottles - red, whites and moscato - back to the apartment.
Stocking up on drinking water.
I'm the in-charge of desserts, lol! We grabbed a couple of ice creams and not to mention they have the most delicious chocolate yogurt :) 
Handy-man carrying our loots back to the apartment.
35 Rue de Ponthieu
75008, Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 5376 0008

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