Thursday, October 10, 2013

Honeymoon: Picnic at Tuileries Garden

Our morning stroll from hotel to Tuileries Garden was for a purpose - we are having a picnic in the garden compound! Leecher knows how much I love picnic & he suggested going for an impromptu picnic during one of the days :) My hubby is the best, yay *muacks*
 Tuileries Garden (Jardin des Tuileries in French) is located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde. This huge garden was initially a garden of the Tuileries Palace, but was converted to a public park after the French Revolution.
Families, tourists and locals all gathered around the fountain area, just enjoying a day out in the sun. Whenever we travel to cold countries, I'm very thankful for the sun - standing underneath the sun versus the shade made a whole lot of difference! 
Plenty of chairs available for everyone to sit on :)  
These ducks seemed to accustomed to being around humans. If you happen to catch them in a good mood, they may even perform a trick of two for your viewing pleasure!
Leecher was literally dying from lack of caffeine - he toured the whole garden just to find a kiosk selling coffee. Not to mention that it costs almost €3 for a small cup, akin to the vending machine cup. Next time, I should just bring a couple of coffee packets & sell it to him. Good $$ churning opportunity, heh. 
It was an impromptu picnic, so we just gathered whatever food we can find from our stash. Biscuits which I took from our SQ flight, Laduree macarons, apples from the fruit basket in our room, left over bread from Paul's, snacks from M&S etc. Quite a spread that we put together. 
We sat near the fountain initially. As soon as I took out my "picnic" basket, we were surrounded by small birds! I got scared for they were inching closer and closer to us, waiting for food to drop from the sky. So we decided to retreat abit and moved backwards. 
The grass patch looked inviting, but I couldn't find a makeshift mat anywhere. 
Trusty bag hook for our dustbin. I got 3 of these - gave 1 to MIL and broke 1 during my Guangzhou trip. This is the last one surviving! Hopefully this will last for a very long time.
Once we have settled down, time to get our picnic started! We were famished by now, having walked a long way earlier.
Brioche Au Sucre €3.30 - this tasted rather plain, much to my disappointment. 
Had to rely on a blackcurrent violet macaron to add some taste. 
Anyone wanna guess what Leecher is doing?
HAHAHAHAHAHA! 一点都不相!Good try, my dear :)
We spotted this cute family on skaters! I have to say the mummy is really pretty & both her little boys inherited her hair colour & eyes. 
Once we finished eating, clear up all the rubbish and dump the trash into the bin #responsiblecitizen. 
 It was an wonderful picnic with Leecher! Though I missed our picnic basket & home-made food items, what matters most is the company :)
Tuileries Garden
Place de la Concorde, 75001
Paris, France

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