Sunday, October 27, 2013

Honeymoon: Vacation Rental in Paris

I'm not a fussy person when it comes to accommodation - all I ask for is a clean toilet. When I started planning on Paris, all the nice (and cheap) accommodations were unavailable for our dates. I wasn't willing to spluge on hotels too, since they were costly to begin with. A decent hotel will cost at least 150 euro/night, translating into close to 250 SGD/night *gasp* In an attempt to save money (also for my own bag fund, haha), I decided to hunt for a cheaper alternative for our stay in Paris :) 
After our tour at Tuileries Garden, we headed back to Hotel Royal Magda Etoile to pack up our bags. The hotel staff were really helpful over email and in person, which I was thankful for! It's always heart-warming to meet nice people :)
Leopard print stairway which I walked down as Leecher took the lift with our luggage. I felt slightly dizzy if I were to look down and walked down the stairs, which prompted me to pose this on my instagram.
Survived 4 flights of stairs before reaching the ground floor :) 
Breakfast were additional charges, so we always head out instead of dining in. That's the reason why we did not spend time in the hotel lounge and this is the only pic of the lobby area that I have.  
Bidding farewell!
Jad (the owner) met us at his apartment so he could hand us the keys and gave us a mini tour. Upon entry, this apartment looked straight out from an IKEA magazine! As the saying goes, 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全 - even though the apartment is small, but it contained everything that we needed :) We chatted with Jad and got to know that he recently got married too. We traveled half the globe for our honeymoons - Us to Europe, Jad & wife to Asia. Looked like this will be the norm going forward! 
Jad even gave us a bottle of red wine as our honeymoon gift, much to our delight!

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